Benchmarking is an Essential Tool in Your Practice Survival Toolkit

FTE Staff
per FTE Hematologist / Oncologist

Benchmarking is a powerful way to understand how your practice is doing compared to other oncology practices nationwide. You will see where you are succeeding and also where there may be opportunities for improvement. Is your staffing level higher than most other practices? Are there ways you can improve revenue cycle management ? How does your income and operating expenses compare to others? is my Oral Pharmacy operating efficiently?

These questions and many more can be answered by utilizing the power of COAnalyzer and the continual stream of learning and information sharing. Coanalyzer provides more than 1,100 charts and reports so you can visualize answers to many of the questions you have regarding your practice.

COAnalyzer is Easy To Use

You can quickly get started by importing your Accounting Data from any software as well as importing your Productivity Data if you are an Unlimited Systems User.


Import Accounting Data

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Actual Data Elements

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Estimated Real-Time Charts Available

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Once your imports are complete, you can see your progress on the dashboard and you will have access to over 700 hundred real-time benchmarking charts.

Take a Test Drive of a Sample Benchmark Chart

Total Income
per Hematologist/Oncologist - 2019

Special Note: By entering sample values into the box above, you will be shown your percentile ranking compared to the other practices in the system. Be sure and roll over the bars to see the values. Your practice is the Yellow Bar.

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